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Stand up for our families


As families go through COVID-19, things can be a little strange and stressful.

And in Singapore, sometimes we are not used to talking about our feelings and our stress. 

We want to help families better express their personal experiences and challenges with each other.

We want everyone in the family to have tools to express themselves through a common social-emotional language, so our emotions and physical experiences of stress can be a part of our conversations.

ExplorE by Week 

You've Got It Made!

You've Got It made!


Every start up begins with a minimum viable product. 

Every successful company has that story: Apple’s iPhone or Volkswagon’s Beetle.

In this series, we want to explore how we get to make great things. We believe it always starts with the simplest thing.

Join us as we look at the beginnings of making something great.

Understanding Special Needs

Understanding special needs

How can we better support children with special needs in the “new normal”?


Go on a journey into the world of 6-year old Lucas, who is on the autism spectrum, and his friend, 7-year old Emily, who has ADHD.


Learn how to meet their sensory needs, guide them in expressing their emotions, and support their learning.

Week 1

Week 1:

Check In

Day 1: 
Whole Person Maps

We are more than just our brains and thoughts.

We also feel emotions and respond to the world around us.

Day 2: 
What's Going On Inside?

How are you today? What’s going on inside your brain, and heart?

Day 3: 
Exploring Feelings

Feelings don’t just happen in our heads and hearts, we can feel them in our bodies too.

Day 4: 
Transform Your Mood

Being at home, we may feel confined and stifled.

Here are some ways to change your experience of your space by changing your body shape.

Day 5: 
Emotional Barometer

It’s good to take time to check in with yourself constantly, especially when things are hard or different.

Week 2

Week 2:

Getting to know "Me"

Day 1: 
Introvert or Extrovert?

Everyone has different needs, and that’s ok! For example, some people are more introverted while others are extroverted.

Day 2: 
What's Important to Me?

What do you need? What does your family need?

Day 3: 
Looking for the Introverts & Extroverts Out There

All of us handle our needs in our own ways. We also have unique interests that appeal to our needs.

Day 4: 
Investigating a Perfect Day

Everyone has their own need and interests, but what are yours?

Join our detectives and discover what your idea of a perfect day is.

Day 5: 
My Parent's Favourite Day

Let’s end this week by showing appreciation for our Mummy and Daddy’s unique interests and needs.

Week 3

Week 3:

Managing conflict

Day 1: 
Using Your Voice - Part 1

All of us have a powerful tool - our voice. Voices express our emotions, and all voices are different.

Day 2: 
Using Your Voice - Part 2

Yesterday we started looking at how our voices and tones can affect how people receive our messages.

Day 3: 
Needs Assessment Revisited

Sometimes when what is important to me doesn’t seem important to you and vice versa, it can cause conflict

Day 4: 
How to Self-Soothe

Sometimes in disagreements we can feel overwhelmed. It can be best to take a break from intense situations to calm down.

Day 5: 
Making a Commitment

What can we do as a family to commit to disagreeing well?

Week 4

Week 4:

Energizing families

Day 1: 
Vision for Myself

Now that we know each family member’s needs, priorities and feelings, this week is a chance to think about your personal dreams and identity.

Day 2: 
Me & My Parents

Now that you have your vision board, go in depth with your family and talk about how you can help each other achieve your vision!

Day 3: 
Me & My Siblings

Take turns to be the hero of your story!

How do you boards fit into each other? 

What role can your sibling play in your life?

Day 4: 
Visioning for our Family

Now that we know everyone’s personal visions, let’s put it together into a shared family vision! 

Day 5: 
Family Commitments

Based on your family’s Vision Board from yesterday, make commitments to things we will do & value as a family

Week 5

Week 5:


Day 1:
What is re-entry?

As circuit breaker restrictions ease and we return to some of our daily activities,

the outside world may look and feel very different.

Day 2:
The Airlock Game - Part 1

We don’t want practices to only be theories in our heads, we want our body to have sensation, and our emotions to be attached to the idea.

Day 3: 
The Airlock Game - Part 2

Germs don’t only exist on our hands, they can also be in the air when we breathe outside.

How can we protect ourselves & our families?

Day 4: 
The Airlock Game - Part 3

Now that we know how to protect ourselves from germs in the air and on our hands, what other ways can we stay safe from the virus when we are outside the ‘airlock’?

Day 5: 

The world may feel like a very different place at the moment, but  it doesn’t mean we can’t show care and tenderness to those around us.

Week 6

Week 6:

Building outwards

to family

Brave Heart Worksheet Week 6 Day 1.png
Day 1:
Building Outwards

Who can we reach out to as a family during this period? Look outwards and think about other people you can care for and have personal relationships with.

W6D2 family tree sketch.jpeg
Day 2:
Family Tree &
Happiness Map

Create a family tree, branching out into your extended family.

Think about what makes each person happy and how you can support them!

Brave Heart Worksheet Week 6 Day 3.png
Day 3: 
Interview Your Grandparents

How much do you know about your grandparents' experiences and needs?

Interview them today and find out more!

Day 4: 
Plan A (Video Call) Party!

Now that you know what your grandparents need, your mission for the rest of this week is to plan a surprise video call party for your grandparents.

Day 5: 
Party Conversations

During this opportunity for the whole family to be together, use these questions with your grandparent and relatives!

Week 7

Week 7:

Building outwards


Brave Heart Worksheet Week 7 Day 1.jpg
Day 1:
My Friend

COVID-19 has changed how our friendships look over the past few months.

How can you keep your friendship precious while physically apart?

Day 2:
Plan Your Video Call Hangout!

Call your friend and plan to hang out! Think of activities you can do together over video call, we have some examples to help!

Brave Heart Worksheet BNW Week 7 Day 3.p
Day 3: 
Supporting Our Friends

Enjoy your hangout or let your friend know you're thinking about them with a card!

Crowd with Masks
Day 4: 
Reach Out to More Friends!

Who else can you reach out to and support? Together with your friend, think of a mutual friend you can hang out with on video chat as a group!

03 Digital Hangout.png
Day 5: 
Video Call Hangout Activities

Continue to expand your community of friends and support one another!

We have more activities for you to try in your next hang out!

Week 8

Week 8:

Building outwards

to Community

Brave Heart Worksheet Week 8 Day 1.jpg
Day 1:
Let's Take a Walk

During this period, our neighbourhoods can look and feel very different.

Today, take an awareness walk with your family.

Brave Heart Worksheet Week 8 Day 2.png
Day 2:
Meet Your Neighbours!

How well do you know the people living around you? Many of us may have never had a conversation with the people who live down the corridor or next door to.

Day 3: 
Our Community

Each of us has a part to play in building our community, talk to your family about information gathered and ways you can support your neighbours!

Day 4: 
Surprise your Neighbour!

Share your surprise action and plan to support the community with your neighbour and invite them to do it with you!

Day 5: 
Take Action!

Execute your plan and document your process with your neighbours!

Week 9

Week 9:

Hey Parents!

Hey Parents!

This week is designed for you.


We know that emerging economic issues may be putting a strain on your situation, and want to walk with you on this journey.

Day 1:
Approaching Austerity

COVID-19 may have resulted in a change of work for you. We want to support you as you take your next steps.

Brave Heart Worksheet Week 9 Day 2.png
Day 2:
My Identities

Each of us plays many different but interconnected roles in our daily life. A change in work may have a ripple effect on how you see yourself in public or at home. 

Day 3: 
My Public Offer

Taking the next step forward will involve thinking about what public offer you need to make to the world.

Day 4: 
Approaching Opportunity

What has excited you during your search?

Day 5: 
Checking In with Myself

We know you are hard at work moving towards the next steps on your journey, but don't forget taking time to rest and recuperate. 

Week 10


Week 10: 

Crochet with

Tiny Rabbit Hole

Day 1:
Having Courageous Conversations

How have each of your family members been coping during this period? 

Take turns to share your experiences, thoughts and emotions and discuss how you can plan your next steps as a family.

Day 2: 
Why Crochet?

In this first installment of our #BraveheartSG Maker Series, Angie from Tiny Rabbit Hole introduces you to the craft of crochet through a beginner amigurumi pineapple project.

Day 3:
Crochet a Pineapple (Part 1)

Angie teaches the basics of crochet, and how to sew your finished crochet piece into a pineapple body.

Day 4:
Crochet a Pineapple (Part 2)

Angie shares how to complete your pineapple’s leaves and cheeks with a new technique: needle felting! 

Day 5: 
Continue your Making Journey

New skills take patience and effort to pick up and master. The first step can often be the hardest.

How did you feel during this process of learning to crochet?

Week 11

Week 11: 

Cooking with


Part 1:
Why Cook?

In this second installment of our #BraveheartSG Maker Series, Michelle Lee introduces simple cooking tips and tricks to get your family started preparing hearty family meals.

Part 2:
Building a Basic Kitchen

Michelle shares the basic tools and seasonings you can use to start your own kitchen and pantry.

Part 3:
Let's Get Cooking!

Michelle demystifies the wet market shopping process and teaches you to turn 3 common ingredients into 3 distinct and delicious meals!

Week 12

Week 12: 

Hand Embroidery with


Part 1:
Why Needlework?

In this third installment of our #BraveheartSG Maker Series, Ally shares how you can use basic hand embroidery to refresh and create personalised fabric items!

Part 2:
Hand Embroidery Stitches

Ally shares how she uses 2 basic stitches - the woven wheel stitch and the lazy daisy stitch to decorate a mask.

Part 3:
Let's Get Stitching!

Ally shares one more basic stitch - a back stitch that can be used for embroidering words - and how to use your newly learned stitches to create floral designs.

Week 13: 

Sewing with

Fashion Makerspace

Week 13
Part 1:
Why Sew?

In this final installment of our #BraveheartSG Maker Series, Hailey & Shareen from Fashion Makerspace teach you to repurpose an old fabric item into a practical drawstring bag!

Part 2:
Sewing Machine 101

Before you begin your drawstring bag project,  let Shareen introduce the tools and supplies you will need, especially a very important tool: the sewing machine!

Part 3:
Sew a Drawstring Bag

Today, Hailey takes you through the steps to turning your old cushion cover, bedsheets or other fabric item into a drawstring bag!


Hey Parents!

Explore our supplementary video content around identifying needs, having courageous conversations and guiding our families through change: