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Approaching austerity

Week 9, Day 1


For many, this period may be one of change and challenges.

We'd like to support you as you take your next steps.

Hey Parents!

During this period of rapid changes, you could be experiencing feelings of anxiety and self-doubt. It’s natural to feel these things. 

We want to walk with you on this journey as you navigate your next steps with your family. 


During periods of transition, it can be helpful to identify the distinct areas changes are occurring in. Watch the video below:

Using the SCARF model, consider: 

  1. What changes am I experiencing in each domain?

    • Status

    • Certainty

    • Autonomy

    • Relatedness

    • Fairness

  2. How do I feel about these changes?


While it will not be easy, this period could be a great opportunity to examine how to come back stronger as an individual.

There are opportunities in this crisis that we can shift towards, but we may feel too weighed down by discouragement to find them. 


If you do feel that you are weighed down presently and would like someone to talk to, here are some resources:

LEVEL UP (Coming soon)

Thank you for your submission!

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