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My public offer

Week 9, Day 3

Taking the next step forward will involve considering

what public offer you need to make.

As you search for new opportunities, you will need to think about what you have to offer in our ever changing world. 

The world may look very different post COVID-19 and some things familiar in the past may not be available now. But not everything is different.

Many needs still exist and may be more urgent than ever.

What are some skills you identified yesterday that you can offer to a employer or connection?

Some skills are clearly relevant, while others may need to adapt to different sectors and forms.

Would you be open to opportunities that don't look exactly like what you were doing before?

Apart from adaptation, you may also need to add some new pieces to your toolkit so you can respond to new opportunities that come your way. What opportunities to up your skills have you seen? 

Singapore has identified high touch, high tech and high art sectors as becoming increasingly relevant. What interests and skills will you need to refine or gain to explore these areas?

What is the offer you need to make to the world?

Discovering new opportunities will require putting yourself out there and meeting new people that can help you identify your next steps.


If you feel ready, this could be meeting potential employers and companies. 

If you need a boost, reach out to job coaches who can help you focus your next steps.

Don't know where to begin?

Tomorrow we will walk through the steps towards identifying and seizing the opportunities around you.


Thanks for your submission

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