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Me & my parents

Week 4, Day 2

Now that you have your vision board,

share it with your parents!

Share your vision board and all the ideas, dreams and personal goals on it with your family.


Today, go in depth with your parents and talk about how you can help each other achieve your visions!

Take turns to have 1 on 1 conversations with each of your parents about your vision board and the pictures on it. Use these questions to guide your conversation:

Where am I on the board?

Who am I?

What does my board mean to me?

How can you support my vision?

Hey Parents!

Here are some tips on how to start, and guide conversations with your children around their vision boards:


  • Setup each discussion by going through the roles of a committed speaker and listener that you and your children will play. Model these life skills in practice for your children.

  • Show an active interest by taking notes or videoing the process. Repeating verbatim quotes from your child is one excellent way of showing you’re an active listener!

  • Take an in depth look at your child's vision board. Look at each element on the board and invite your child to explain what it means to them. 


  • If answers are fantastical, look for the value within the story. 

    • For example, a follow up question for a child who wants to be an astronaut and fly to Saturn can be “Is it because you want to explore and discover new things?”

    • Ask questions about the characters in their stories, “What kind of person is this astronaut? Brave, adventurous?”

  • Invite them to think about the personal qualities they want to reflect in their lives, and with others.

  • Ask your child, "How can I support, help and get involved with your vision?"


Find new understanding for each other and think of ways to play an active role in your family member's life. This could be by supporting and encouraging them in their path, listening as a trusted confidante, or other ways they share with you!

Thank you for your submission!

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