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Investigating a perfect day

Week 2, Day 4

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Everyone has an idea of their perfect day

what is yours?

When we know our needs and interests, we can make requests to our family and friends.

When they know what we need, they can offer to help and support us better.

We can also do the same for our family and friends!

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Join our detective on an investigation into how people

can have perfect days that meet their needs and interests.


We've prepared an activity sheet for you to write down your discoveries too!

First, investigate your own perfect day:

                      (1) What do you need? What interests do you enjoy?

(2) Imagine a perfect day that meets your needs with interests you enjoy.

What does your perfect day look like?

Where are you? Are you outdoors, or indoors?

What are you doing on your perfect day? Is there a specific activity you're enjoying?

(3) After you've discovered your perfect day, fill in the 1st page of your activity sheet and share it with your family so they can help you have your perfect day!

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Next, investigate someone in your family's perfect day:

(1) Pick a family member to interview.

(2) Invite them to imagine a perfect day that meets their needs and interests they enjoy.

What does their perfect day look like?

Where are they? Outdoors, or indoors?

What are they doing? Is there a specific activity they're enjoying?

(3) After they've shared their perfect day, fill in the 2nd page of the activity sheet. Think of ways to support them, and ask them how you can help them have their perfect day too!


Our perfect days may be very different,

but by finding out what they are we can work together to help everyone have their perfect day!

Thank you for your submission!

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