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Having courageous conversations

Week 10, Day 1

Thank you for continuing this journey with us.

Hey Parents!


As we turn our attention back to family life, tension that we feel in our work situation can transfer to our homes. Often, our whole family unit can sense this change in emotion and stress.


While your kids may not know exactly what is happening, they are often the most sensitive to new tension in the family. Even though we hope to shield them from the problems adults are facing, children may end up blaming themselves for our problems when kept in the dark.


Today, we’d like to invite you to have a courageous conversation with your family. Keep your kids in the loop early and allow them to be part of the conversation, instead of having to address it later when emotions boil over during an argument or disagreement.


Watch Wendy’s videos about courageous conversations and allow it to guide your approach.

Courageous Conversations & Change

Courageous Conversations & Change

Courageous Conversations & Change
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Having Courageous Conversations

Having Courageous Conversations

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Courageous Conversations & Resilience

Courageous Conversations & Resilience

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What does this change mean to me?

What does this change mean to me?

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You don’t need to share all the details with your children, but do assure them that the problem or blame does not lie with them. Share with your children that some things will stay the same, and invite them to be part of the process and offer ways they can contribute to the family. 


Use the worksheet and discussion questions to check in with your family and discuss what change they’ve noticed. Let your kids be part of the process and be open in discussing the effects of these changes with them. 


Prepare your family for lifestyle changes to come. and allow everyone to weigh in on how to move forward together as a united family.

You may feel some tension or stress when approaching a lifestyle change with your family. You are not alone in this.


While there may be some requests that are harder to deliver on, or resources may be lower than in the past, we can still continue to provide a safe and stable environment for our children. We’d like to invite you to be open to seeing this as an opportunity for creativity and independence while spending meaningful time with your family. 


What are some things that are no longer convenient to purchase that you can learn to make yourself? 

What are some hobbies or interests that you’ve always been curious about but never had the chance to explore?


In the coming weeks, we’ve collaborated with local makers from a variety of fields to share some approachable and practical hobbies and crafts you can explore with your family. 

Beyond the practical activities, our makers also hope to share what these crafts have taught them, especially in periods of austerity.


Every start up begins with a minimum viable product.

Every successful company has that story: Apple’s iPhone or Volkswagon’s Beetle


In this series, we want to explore how we get to make great things. We believe it always starts with the simplest thing.


Join us as we look at the beginnings of making something great - starting with crochet.

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