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Vision for Myself

Week 4, Day 1

Now that we know our family’s needs, priorities and feelings, think about your personal dreams and identity.

Take time during this period to think about what hopes you have for your life.

Share your personal vision with your family, and come together at the end of the week to build a new family vision that you can commit to together! 


One way to explore your personal vision is through vision boarding, let’s try it today!

Brave Heart Worksheet Week 4 Day 1.png

Hey Parents!

Sometimes children can feel as though they are not taken seriously or dismissed when they express thoughts.

This week, let them take the stage and share their ideas while being good team players.

Every discussion and activity is an opportunity to model how to be a committed listener and speaker for your kids.

After vision boarding,

Come together as a family for show-and-tell!

(Parents, film the presentations for your own reference in the future!)

Take turns to share your board with your audience. 

Everyone will play the roles of committed speakers and committed listeners:

Presenters, be committed speakers, speak up and share honestly during your turn.

Audiences, be committed listeners, listen carefully and ask helpful relevant questions.

Raise your hand to speak and help make sure everyone understands.

Come together to acknowledge and affirm everyone's hard work!

Thank you for your submission!

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