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My Parent's perfect day

Week 2, Day 5

After exploring who I am and who my parents are,

I know we have similarities and differences.

We’ve spent this week learning to identify personal needs and discovering the needs of others. 


Let’s end this week by showing appreciation for our Mummy and Daddy’s unique interests and needs. Make a portrait of one or both of them enjoying their perfect day.

We've prepared an activity sheet for your to draw/write on, or find another way to express it - song, dance, anything you're comfortable with!

When you're happy with your portrait, share it with your parents and let them know what you will do to help them have their perfect day! 

Family W2D5.png


What can you do to help your parents have their perfect day? It can be as giving them alone time to enjoy their favourite activity, or helping them around the house!

Thank you for your submission!

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