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Hand Embroidery with allycraftsco

Week 13, Part 3

Let's get sewing!


Today, Hailey takes you through the steps to turning your old cushion cover, bedsheets or other fabric item into a drawstring bag!

You will need:

  1. Fabric Scissors

  2. Long Ruler

  3. Tailor Chalk

  4. Dressmaking Pins

  5. Cord (for drawstring)

  6. Iron + Ironing Board

  7. Thread Spool

  8. Machine Bobbin

  9. Sewing Machine

  10. Thread Snippers

  11. Weights

  12. Fabric Item for upcycling
    (e.g. cushion cover, jacket, curtain, mattress cover)

For detailed instructions on how to use a sewing machine, watch Video 2 here.

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We hope this week has sparked your creativity and you continue exploring ways to upcycle at home or take your sewing to the next level and try making your own clothes!

Let your imagination run wild and share your creations with us at #BraveheartSG.


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We hope the insights and skills shared over these 4 weeks have inspired you and your family to take the first steps to making something great, whether it be trying one of the crafts shared or something completely new and different.

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Revisit "You've Got It Made!" videos here

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