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What is Re-Entry?

Week 5, Day 1

As circuit breaker restrictions ease and we return to some of our daily activities,

the outside world may look and feel very different.

Some changes may be obvious, like continued mask wearing, while others may be more subtle.

This will be a time of caution and concern for many families, and returning to the outside world will require some preparation and care.


Let’s take this week to discuss and prepare for the adjustments that we may need to make when moving into this new period.


While we may still have to physically distance ourselves from our friends, how can we be gentle and patient with each other?

Just like astronauts travelling in outer space, going outside will require careful future planning as a family.

Some adjustments will need to be made, especially to protect ourselves from the potential risks beyond the airlock of our safe homes.


Read the comic and think about the external & internal changes as a family:

The world has changed since January,

and the outdoors are a different kind of space now. 

Just like astronauts travelling to unknown planets,

we need to plan our return to the outside world.

Leaving our homes will require careful preparation,

and there will be some risks whenever we leave the airlock of our homes.


The outside world may not look like what we are familiar with.

Some things will have obvious differences,

others may appear the same but have subtle changes.

We don’t need to feel overwhelmed.


We can protect our bodies by washing our hands,

be gentle with our hearts and minds during this period of re-entry,

and find new ways to care for friends while being physically distanced.


For now we can’t shake hands, hug or stand too close, but that doesn’t mean we can’t show care and tenderness to each other.

We will not be alone as we re-enter the outside, our families will be around to support and help one another.


Share your thoughts with them and discuss these questions:

  1. What is the first thing you’ll do when re-entry begins?

  2. What are you looking forward to?

  3. What are you not looking forward to?

  4. Is there anything you are anxious or worried about?

Find ways to support each other as a family during this period of re-entry!

Hey Parents!

Re-entry may be challenging for both you and your children. You may feel overwhelmed by the changes, or find yourself feeling more anxious managing this period.


Revisit the SCARF model from earlier weeks and consider which of your personal needs you may need to address in the week ahead.

Use this week’s activities to help your children understand why we need to practice certain measures like washing our hands thoroughly, wearing our masks properly and physical distancing.


Instead of treating them as rules, allow your kids to see the reasons for the measures and learn them in a fun and interesting way.


Make mutual understanding, kindness and care a part of the re-entry process for your family.



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When we're short on patience, we could be running low on something else...

When we're short on patience, we could be running low on something else...

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How does the SCARF model apply to me?

How does the SCARF model apply to me?

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