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Take action!

Week 8, Day 5

Execute your plan as neighbours!


Document your process with pictures and videos, and share what you did and how it went with us at #braveheartsg! 

Reflect on this week's process:

  • What did you learn from this experience?

  • What did you learn about your neighbours and community?

  • What is your favourite part of your neighbourhood?

  • How did it feel to approach your neighbour? Was your offer accepted or rejected?

    • If they declined your offer, why do you think this happened?​

  • Would you repeat the process again with this neighbour, or include others in your community?

Continue thinking of ways to support and engage your neighbours beyond this week.


Together we can help make our neighbourhoods welcoming places for all, 

and inspire others to do the same for their communities!

Interested to explore more ideas

for your community?

Take a virtual walk around your neighbourhood, check out more ideas for connecting with neighbours and be inspired by stories of neighbours that have forged meaningful friendships! 

There are more activities for your family to enjoy in our Stand Up for Our Neighbours home kit.


Thank you for your submission!

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Day 5
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