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Making a commitment

Week 3, Day 5

Our different cares and needs may cause conflict at times,

but how can we commit to disagreeing well as a family?

We've discovered a lot about our family's needs, concerns and cares over the past few weeks. Write or draw all of them on the worksheet for today, and ask your family what they've learnt about you too!


Even when we identify each other's needs and cares, we may still get into disagreements at times. Not all disagreements have solutions, but we are still a family.

Remember the activities over this week and use what works for you in situations to disagree well.

Discuss specific ways to make disagreements more manageable for your family. Also, think of ways to repair conflict and end on a good note. For example, ending the day with a family hug or thanking each other for sharing their feelings.

Write it down on the 2nd page of your activity sheet and make a commitment to following through!


Thank you for your submission!

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