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Let's Take a walk!

Week 8, Day 1

During this period,

our neighbourhoods can look and feel very different.


Many places people used to gather are now taped up and empty, and familiar faces around your estate may have disappeared. 


Today, take a walk with your family around your neighbourhood.

Explore slowly and be aware of your surroundings.

Does something look or feel different?

Are there things that you’ve never paid attention to that you are curious about?

There can even be things to explore in our corridor:

What do you see in front of your neighbour’s houses? If you are feeling brave, knock on their doors, say hello and ask how they’re doing! 

Use this activity sheet to write and draw your thoughts and observations during your walk: 

After your walk, share your observations with your family about your neighbours and community. Think about what some needs in your community could be during this period:

What are people in your neighbourhood experiencing? What could they be struggling with?

What are some ways you could be a good neighbour to those around you?


Let's Take a (virtual) walk!

Ready to continue exploring your neighbourhood from the comfort of your home?

Check out the different walking routes on our virtual walk here! There are more activities for your family to enjoy in our Stand Up for Our Neighbours home kit.

Thank you for your submission!

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