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Hand Embroidery with allycraftsco

Week 12, Part 3

Let your creativity grow!


In this final video, Ally will be teaching you one more basic stitch - a back stitch that can be used for embroidering words.

She’ll also be sharing how the 3 different stitches taught in this series can be used together to create your own floral designs.

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Let your imagination run wild and share your creations with us at #BraveheartSG.


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Get in touch with Ally:

Take some time to discuss as a family:


What is one thing you learnt this week?

What did you enjoy most?


What is one thing you realised or observed about yourself this week?

What did you realise about your family members?


Everyone has many different roles and duties at home, work and school.

How do these make you feel?

How can your family help or support you?

What are some activities that help you to unwind and reflect after a long day?

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Day 3
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