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MY identities

Week 9, Day 2

How do you see yourself in your workplace,

public spaces and home life?

The changes you are experiencing during this period may have stirred up uncertainty about your identity and position. Each of us plays many different but interconnected roles in our daily life. A change in work may have a ripple effect on how you see yourself in public or at home. 


Take today to do a deeper audit into your personal identity and the different areas of your life.


Use the downloadable graphic below to reflect on and collect your thoughts about each area of your life:

  1. Start out by defining your roles in each of the 3 domains. Circle words that you feel apply to you, and add your own.

  2. Next, think about the hard and soft skills critical to each of your identities.

  3. During this period, consider what has changed in each identity. Use the SCARF model as a prompt if helpful.

  4. Look at each of the changes, and consider how a change in one identity may affect your other identities too.

  5. In the last box, consider what remains. There are things loss cannot take away from your. What are tangible and intangible things that you still have going for you? (For example, you still have skills that could be added to or transferred to a different skill set in planning your next move.) 


Something else that is consistent and that will remain with you - your identity as a Singaporean. Here are some local options and opportunities that are available for you to consider:

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