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Plan your Video Call Hangout!

Week 7, Day 2

Call your friend and plan to hang out this week!

Start by sharing the words of encouragement and appreciation you prepared for them, then ask:

What can we do together that would cheer you up?

Find activities that suit both your interests, or new ways to explore your favourite games over video call! Here are a few ideas: 

Video call charades!
Play video call charades!
Assign a parent or sibling to act as game master and come up with a list of words.
Mute your microphone on your turn and the game master will instant message you words to act out for the other person to guess.
Get creative!
Get creative!
Have an arts and craft session over video call with things you can find at home!
Use online tutorials to try new activities like making friendship bands, folding origami or moulding clay together!
Learn to crochet, cook, sew or embroider with our Braveheart Maker Series, You've Got It Made!
Play classic games online!
Play classic games online!
Explore sites that allow you to play multiplayer online versions of your favourite games - from drawing to board games!
There are also places to try a variety of jigsaw puzzles together!

Find ways to do activities you enjoy together over video call and share your own activities with us at #braveheartsg!

Thank you for your submission!

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