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Meet your Neighbours

Week 8, Day 2

How well do you know the people living around you?

Introduce yourself today!


Many of us have never had a conversation with the people who live down the corridor or next door. Today, knock on doors, introduce yourself to your neighbours and find out more about them and their needs.


Ask permission for today's activity from your parents, and prepare a little gift as a family for the neighbour you are planning to visit.


Use this conversation card to approach your introduction with your neighbour. While talking to your neighbour, also consider these observational questions:

  • Do they seem tired or alert?

  • Are they relaxed or tense?

  • Does anything catch your attention or seem out of the ordinary?

Take Note:

 At any point your neighbour may say no or decline, and that’s okay!


People are experiencing and feeling different things, and may not be in a space to accept at the moment.


Continue making time to get to know them gradually.

Remember the responses and observations gathered today. These are some of the spoken and unspoken needs in your community.

Discuss them with your family and find ways to support and address the needs of those around you!

Hey Parents!

If your neighbour shares that they are having a hard time during this period and could benefit from having someone to talk to, here are some resources you can recommend: (family & addiction counselling)

Thank you for your submission!

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