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Hand embroidery with allycraftsco

Week 12, Part 1

Looking for ways to refresh your wardrobe?

Most of us turn to ready to go, fast fashion choices when it comes to clothing. However, regularly tossing out or giving away out of fashion clothing could be taking a toll on our wallets and environment.​


This week, Ally from AllyCraftsCo will share how you can use basic hand embroidery to refresh and create personalised fabric items like clothes, bags and accessories!


Today, she shares her personal journey and experiences with needlework, and how it helps her balance and make meaningful use of her time.

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In fast paced and stressful conditions, it is easy to feel burnt out, stressed or overwhelmed by the many tasks and roles we all play. 


Take some time for yourself to “do nothing”, and find something that helps you unwind, reflect on the day you’ve had and feel refreshed for the next day.


Ready to try needlework and want to find out more?

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