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Supporting our friends

Week 7, Day 3

Enjoy your hang out with your friend

and find other ways to encourage each other!

If your friend wasn’t free to play today, that’s okay! There are other ways you can reach out and support them in the meantime.


What are some nice things you can do for them?

Use today's activity sheet to write a secret message of encouragement to your fellow "secret agent" and invite them to share their needs with you.


Make your own invisible ink with a lemon juice and a few drops of water.

Your friend will need to carefully expose the letter to a heat source for your message to appear!

Simple acts of kindness can also brighten someone's day.

Download our digital encouragement cards and send one to your friend today!

Be Extraordinary
Fall Down 7 times, get up 8!
Be Kind To Yourself
Make it Happen
You Can Do It!
Don't Give Up
Make it Happen!
You Have It In You!

Thank you for your submission!

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