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Looking for the introverts & extroverts out there

Week 2, Day 3

All of us have different ways to meet our needs.

We also have unique interests that appeal to us.

While we don't all have the same interests, understanding our family and friend's different personalities, interests and needs can help us understand and support them better.

Take a look at the scene in the picture and  identify the different personalities and activities represented.

Who do you think is more introverted or extroverted?

Which activities do you enjoy yourself?

Share your thoughts and feelings with your family and listen carefully when they share theirs!

W2D3 page1 060520.png

After talking about the picture,

download the worksheet and think about how you made your guesses in the picture.

In our daily life, our family, friends and neighbours also have different interests and needs. How can we find out what they are?

W2D3 page2 060520.png

Thank you for your submission!

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