The airlock game: part 1

Week 5, Day 2

We don’t want practices to only be theories in our heads,

we want our body to have sensation,

and our emotions to be attached to the idea.

Some of the changes we experience during this re-entry period may feel strange or different, but are necessary to protect us from spreading the coronavirus.


Let’s spend this week exploring and understanding these new experiences through a game!


Imagine your family are astronauts exploring a new planet. What precautions will we need to take whenever we leave the safety of our home base for the outside world? What do we need to be careful of outside the airlock?


One way germs like the coronavirus can spread is from touching things with our hands. How does this happen and what can we do to prevent spread? Try the activity below with your family:

Practice good hand washing habits and think about what other ways we can prevent the spread of the coronavirus as a family!

Hey Parents!

How else can we bring these new realities into our child’s world?

Use this week's activities as your own internal safety briefing as a family and help everyone be clear on why these steps are needed (beyond listening to mum and dad, or rules and obligations).

Invite your children to be part of the discussion on what is safe, and where safety lies for your family.

Watch our videos with tips on having courageous conversations with your family here:

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