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Me & My siblings

Week 4, Day 3

Discuss your vision boards with your siblings,

share it with your parents!

Repeat yesterday's discussion with your siblings and take turns to be the hero of your story!

Speakers, explain the different pieces on board to your sibling, and where you are on your board.

Listeners, ask questions and tell your sibling what was interesting about their sharing! What did you learn about them?

Think about:


How do your boards fit together?


Do you see similarities or places where you can support your sibling?

What role can your sibling play in your life?

Can they support you in tasks, encourage you or listen to you as a confidante?

Could they be a co-hero in your story?

What can you do for your sibling too?

Hey Parents!

Listen to your children's conversation and help facilitate when necessary,


  • Remind your children of the roles of a committed speaker and listener that everyone is to follow.

  • Watch and facilitate your children’s conversation while gathering data - continue to take detailed notes and verbatim phrases.

  • Guide your children towards thinking about how they can support, help, and get involved in each other's visions and lives. Allow them to offer a role they're comfortable with to their siblings without pressure or expectations. 

Thank you for your submission!

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