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Week 5, Day 5

As we gradually return to the outdoors, we will begin to see our extended family, friends and neighbours in person again!

However, the way we interact and communicate those around us will look different from before.

We will still need to remember to wash our hands regularly, wear a mask and maintain physical distancing. This means we won't be able to hug or high-five, or may have trouble smiling behind a mask.

We will need to find new ways to care for those around us. One way would be using hand signals and simple sign language to communicate more. Here are some simple ones to try!






I love you!

What are some other situations we will need to find new alternatives for?

Use the activity sheet to explore new ways to care for your friends. Make a commitment to continue supporting your loved ones during and beyond this period of re-entry!

Thank you for your submission!

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Day 5
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