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Using Your Voice

(part 1)

Week 3, Day 1

Sometimes emotions can show up very quickly

and we may say and do things we regret.

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Everyone has their own needs or feelings that may lead to disagreements and misunderstandings in the family.


Tensions may run higher in our homes during this COVID-19 period. Sometimes, these miscommunications may turn ugly when we don't manage our feelings.

Instead of trying to avoid disagreements, take this week to think of ways to disagree well and manage conflict in a safe way. 

We’ve created a series of activities to explore how we can better manage our emotions when communicating with each other Over this week, we'll practice how things we say or do can affect our discussions and relationships.

Today, let's begin looking at a very powerful

tool all of us have - our voice.

Voices express our emotions, and

all voices are different.

How do people feel when listening to

your words and tone? 

Let's try an activity:

Imagine a huge dinosaur 

coming towards you

Try saying it to your family in these 4 different emotions:

How would you say:

"It's A Dinosaur!"?

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How did each of the voices make you feel as a speaker?

How did the meaning of the words change?

How did your listener feel?

did their response change?

Our voices, emotions and tones can affect our listeners differently, especially in tense situations.

Try the activity with different words or feelings, and think about how you can apply what you've discovered in your daily life.

We've prepared today's activity as a printable activity sheet as well!

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