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My Friend

Week 7, Day 1

How can we connect with our friends during physical distancing?

COVID-19 has changed how our friendships look.

We weren't able to meet our friends during Circuit Breaker, and will need to continue maintain physical distancing when meeting face to face. 


But these measures don't need to stop us from being friends.

Think about some of the friends whose names you wrote down last week on your level of systems map: 


What makes your friendship precious?

How can you keep it precious while physically apart?


Let’s take this week to gain a deeper understanding of our friends’ different interests and needs, and how we can connect with and support them during this period!

arms crossed.png

Today, start with 1 friend you would like to reach out to during this period. Use today’s activity sheet to build a profile of this friend and think about what makes them special!


Think about these questions: 

  • Is your friend more introverted, or extroverted?

  • What makes your friend happy?

  • How do they communicate their love? Do they:

    • Say encouraging words?

    • Spend meaningful quality time with you?

    • Give thoughtful gifts?

    • Help with activities and tasks?

    • Offer a hug?

  • Is there something they find difficult at the moment?

  • What do they miss most right now?

  • What do they wish they could do?

What can you do to address your friends unique needs and interests?

What is something you could say to encourage your friend that they don't hear enough of? This could be appreciation for their strengths, a memorable way they've been kind to you or why you admire them!


While we still can’t meet in person, we can find new ways to spend time together over video call!

Take courage this week to reach out to your friend and share your encouragement and appreciation with them directly. This could be through words during a video call hang out, a card or letter you send to them or another way you know they'll love!


Share your ways of showing appreciation to your friends with us in the Braveheart Community or at #braveheartsg!

Hey Parents!

Facilitate this week’s activities by reaching out to your child’s friend and their parents to schedule an opportunity to meet over video call this week, we have an activity prepared on Day 3 for both children!

Help your child to think about how best to reach out to those they care about and be a good friend during this period.

Thank you for your submission!

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