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Emotional Barometer

Week 1, Day 5

We've spent this week looking at what we feel in

our heads, hearts and body.

Let's continue checking in with ourselves and our families over the weeks ahead!

Use this Emotional Barometer in your home to create a habit of regularly tracking your feelings with your family:

CMYK v2.png

how to use your

Emotional Barometer

Step 1: Print in colour or black & white (colour it in yourself!)

Step 2: Find a suitable, common area to put up your Emotional Barometer

Step 3: Set aside regular times everyday to think about where you are emotionally and how intense it feels.

Step 4: Ask your parent or set an alarm to remind you to fill up your Emotional Barometer 3 times a day!

For Parents: 

There are days when it may be hard to verbally check in with our kids' emotions, and that's okay.

Remember to check in regularly on your child's Emotional Barometer so that you are conscious of their mental state and can address or help them accordingly.

Thank you for your submission!

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