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Checking in with myself

Week 9, Day 5

While you continue your search,

Don't forget to keep in touch with yourself.

We know you are hard at work moving towards the next steps on your journey, but don't forget taking time to rest and recuperate. 

Here are some self care & soothing techniques to try!

Practice positive self talk

We can often be our own worst critics.


If you find yourself imagining catastrophic situations and overgeneralising your negativity or struggles, consciously catch yourself and treat yourself with compassion.


Slow down and think of good qualities you have and positive phrases you can tell yourself in these situations.

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01 You Have It In You.png


The way we breathe can affect how we feel.

In our anxiety, we tend to have shallow breathing that leads to a lack of oxygen. 

This can escalate our feelings further when our body feels the distress of under-oxygenation.

When you are feeling stressed or tense, take a break and breathe slowly and steadily.

Find rewarding activities

Identify small simple activities that you enjoy and find soothing. Take some time every day to reward yourself with a favourite food, time for a hobby or spend time with your family.

You've done a lot of hard work this past week.

Thank you for taking this journey with us.


Think about all you’ve realised and reflected on and use the downloadable activity to run through your big learning points, think about yourself in the domains of work and family.

Thanks for your submission

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