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Family commitments

Week 4, Day 5

Move towards your family's vision,

make commitments to things we will do & value as a family.

Achieving your family vision will not happen overnight, there are things that may need to change or happen to shift towards your goals as a family. 

This could be pledging to approach conversations in a more tender way, spending time on healthy or meaningful activities, or other steps that will move you closer to your goal!

Think about what steps it will take and make a commitment to doing them as a family. Write down your ideas and commitment on the activity sheet below!

Hey Parents!

Lead the charge and use data gathered from what was shared by your children to guide the discussion.


List any areas of concerns and verify with your children in their own words.

Find areas that are important to everyone represented.

Brave Heart Worksheet Week 4 Day 5.png

Start making small steps regularly in the right direction towards fulfilling your family vision!


Thank you for your submission!

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