What's important to me?

Week 2, Day 2

While all of us can have very different needs,

we may also have more in common than we think.

Today, take some time to think:

What do you need?

What is really important to you?

It could be time for hobbies, hanging out with friends, playing with your family, or something else!

Use this worksheet to start ranking your needs as a family.

When everyone has written down their needs, look at the worksheet together and circle things you have in common.

Talk to your family about what they wrote and share your own answers that are different and similar.

You may be surprised what, or how much, you have in common with them!

When everyone knows their needs, we can begin thinking of ways to help support and understand each other!

Family W2D2CMYK.png


Have you been keeping track of your worksheets? They'll be useful references in the coming weeks' activities and in the future!

Hey Parents!

A helpful tool for looking at our needs is the SCARF model. 

In this short bonus video, Wendy explains the model and what changes and needs could be affecting us during this period:

Thank you for your submission!

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