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Crochet with Tiny Rabbit Hole

(part 1)

Week 10, Day 2

Have you ever wondered how to make your own handmade toys?

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© Photo by Tiny Rabbit Hole

Originating from Japan, amigurumi is a popular craft that uses crochet to make cute toys in practically any shape, animal or character that you can imagine. 

© Photo by Tiny Rabbit Hole
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© Photo by Tiny Rabbit Hole (1).png
© Photo by Tiny Rabbit Hole

While it can seem daunting to imagine making these complex, large projects from scratch, all projects actually start with a simple single crochet stitch. 

This week, Angie from Tiny Rabbit Hole in Singapore will be introducing you to the craft of crochet and teaching you a beginner level crochet stuffed toy project that you can make with your family!


See what she has to share about crochet and her advice on starting your own journey in making during this season:

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