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Crochet with Tiny Rabbit Hole

(part 2)

Week 10, Day 3

Get started on your very own pineapple crochet project!

© Photo by Tiny Rabbit Hole

Follow Angie as she introduces what you will need to get started, how to use the crochet hook and starting your first foundation chain that will grow into your pineapple’s body. We have included written instructions under the video to help you along as well!


As Angie shared, over the course of the 300 stitches this project involves, the process of crochet will become easier so don’t stress and take it slow.


We hope this can be an opportunity to take a break and focus on honing a new interest outside your usual activities!

Pineapple Amigurumi

- Written Instructions -

Abbreviations (US terms)

ch = chain

sc = single crochet



- Bulky weight yarn (in yellow for pineapple body)

- 7mm safety eyes

- Polyfiber stuffing

- Felting wool



- 3mm Crochet Hook

- Darning Needle

- Felting Needle


Steps - For Pineapple Body

(Using yellow yarn)

Make a slip knot. Ch 14.

Starting from the 2nd ch from the hook

Row 1: Sc 13. Ch 1 and turn [13 sts]

Row 2-23: Sc 13. Ch 1 and turn [13sts]

(Note: SC into under the V)

Cut yarn and pull the yarn tail through the last stitch all the way.

Fold the piece into a cylinder.

Follow the video to do a drawstring pull on the top, stitch up the sides, insert safety eyes and stuffing, drawstring pull the bottom.


Steps - Felting Leaves and Body

(video instructions available in Video 3/ Week 10 Day 4)

Felt the leaves into shape.

Felt the leaves to the top of the head.

Felt some blushers below the eyes and you're done!


Visit for more in depth digital patterns (with illustrations) and bundle kits.

In the next video, Angie will demonstrate how to make leaves and cheeks with basic needle felting techniques for finishing your pineapple!

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