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Continuing your making journey

Week 10, Day 5

Making can be an opportunity for us to realise new things about ourselves we are often not conscious of.


Share with your family or keep a journal of your experiences and ideas during this process of making.

New skills take patience and effort to pick up and master. The first step can often be the hardest.

How did you feel during this process of learning to crochet?
Did you find it easier over time, starting with small basic stitches and finishing a complete project? What helped you grow your confidence?

While using a crochet hook and yarn may not be something most of us use in our daily life, the approach to learning can serve us in other areas of life.

What are some other activities or situations you may find daunting to begin?

Maybe this is a new skill you need to add to your job searching toolkit, or something you've always wanted to learn but never had the time to.

How can you change your approach or process in starting these things?

What concrete steps would you like to take towards beginning this process?


Beyond the act of crochet, what have you noticed about yourself during these making sessions? What have you noticed about your family?

Are there attitudes, talents and characteristics you were previously unaware of? 

Are there more traits or skills you’d like to hone?

There is always a certain level of pain that comes with learning something new - building dexterity in crochet may start clumsily and understanding how things come together may not be immediately obvious. It is crucial to push on until you get through this stage in mastering a new skill.


Sometimes what keeps us from learning is how we feel about the action rather than just building technique. The emotional part of learning may be what we really need to master rather than just the physical.


If you would like to explore how to build resilience, check out Week 1-3 of our family content here.

As we continue this journey of making with other crafts and makers, we hope it can be an opportunity for you to take some time to be conscious of your ideas and emotions, and even find some new actions or steps to try!


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