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Introvert or extrovert?

Week 2, Day 1

Everyone has different needs, and that’s ok!

Some of us may be more introverted and need quiet alone time, while others may be more extroverted and need frequent interactions with people. 


Knowing your own needs better will help you make helpful requests to those around you! 


Take this quiz to find out a little more about your unique needs:

This week, we will learn about needs and interests, and how to share ours with those around us,

When we know what we need, we can begin to agree on the best ways to encourage and help each other.


We can make thoughtful requests for support to our loved ones, and they can do the same!

1. Being social with people tends to make me feel like I am…


(This does not reflect on your enjoyment of being with people, only how it affects your store of energy.)

2. I tend to have...

3. I tend to ...

4. After a challenging day, I prefer to recharge ...

5. I consider myself ...

6. I tend to feel drained when I am alone for prolonged periods

7. I prefer activities and conversations

8. When I'm working, I like to ...

Thank you for your submission! Redirecting you to your result...

Thank you for your submission

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