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Building Outwards

Week 6, Day 1

Who can we reach out to as a family during this period?

In these first 5 weeks, we’ve spent time getting to know our immediate family’s needs, interests and personal visions. 


Let’s keep this sense of exploration and curiosity going! Look outwards and think about other people you can care for and gain a deeper understanding of.


These could be:

  • Members of your extended family (uncles, aunties, cousins and grandparents)

  • Friends, from your neighbourhood, school or work (classmates or colleagues)

  • People in your community (neighbours, hawkers and town council cleaners/workers)

One way to think about who we can reach out to is through a level of systems map. Start by filling out your name the innermost circle (intrapersonal: you and what thoughts you have), then build outwards and fill in names of people you have interpersonal relationships with, or interact with in larger group settings.

These individuals in family, friend or community groups form our larger system in Singapore or beyond!

Thank you for your submission!

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