Approaching Opportunity

Week 9, Day 4

What has excited you while looking around?

Today, take some time to look outwards at what opportunities could be available to you. 


Keep in mind your reflections this week:

  • What skills do you have?

  • What skills do you need or want to pick up?

  • What offer do you want to make to the world?

Looking for how to start your search? Consider this approach:


Internally, what skills and qualities do you have to offer?

Externally, do you know what needs and opportunities are out there in the world?


During your research, identify opportunities that look relevant and have high possibilities for yourself.

Take note of them!


Identify the jobs you are interested in apply for.

What is the employer looking for in an applicant?

Form a clear and relevant offer of yourself and your skills for each application. 


Once you’ve found something that excites you and formed your offer, go for the meetings needed to present yourself!


If you've identified an opportunity that excites you but requires additional knowledge and skills, explore skills training courses that can expand your toolkit.

Explore this week:

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