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You've Got It made!


Every start up begins with a minimum viable product. 

Every successful company has that story: Apple’s iPhone or Volkswagon’s Beetle.

In this series, we want to explore how we get to make great things. We believe it always starts with the simplest thing.

Join us as we look at the beginnings of making something great.


Week 10: 

Crochet with

Tiny Rabbit Hole

Day 1:
Having Courageous Conversations

How have each of your family members been coping during this period? 

Take turns to share your experiences, thoughts and emotions and discuss how you can plan your next steps as a family.

Day 2: 
Why Crochet?

In this first installment of our #BraveheartSG Maker Series, Angie from Tiny Rabbit Hole introduces you to the craft of crochet through a beginner amigurumi pineapple project.

Day 3:
Crochet a Pineapple (Part 1)

Angie teaches the basics of crochet, and how to sew your finished crochet piece into a pineapple body.

Day 4:
Crochet a Pineapple (Part 2)

Angie shares how to complete your pineapple’s leaves and cheeks with a new technique: needle felting! 

Day 5: 
Continue your Making Journey

New skills take patience and effort to pick up and master. The first step can often be the hardest.

How did you feel during this process of learning to crochet?

Week 11: 

Cooking with


Part 1:
Why Cook?

In this second installment of our #BraveheartSG Maker Series, Michelle Lee introduces simple cooking tips and tricks to get your family started preparing hearty family meals.

Part 2:
Building a Basic Kitchen

Michelle shares the basic tools and seasonings you can use to start your own kitchen and pantry.

Part 3:
Let's Get Cooking!

Michelle demystifies the wet market shopping process and teaches you to turn 3 common ingredients into 3 distinct and delicious meals!

Week 12: 

Hand Embroidery with


Part 1:
Why Needlework?

In this third installment of our #BraveheartSG Maker Series, Ally shares how you can use basic hand embroidery to refresh and create personalised fabric items!

Part 2:
Hand Embroidery Stitches

Ally shares how she uses 2 basic stitches - the woven wheel stitch and the lazy daisy stitch to decorate a mask.

Part 3:
Let's Get Stitching!

Ally shares one more basic stitch - a back stitch that can be used for embroidering words - and how to use your newly learned stitches to create floral designs.

Week 13: 

Sewing with

Fashion Makerspace

Part 1:
Why Sew?

In this final installment of our #BraveheartSG Maker Series, Hailey & Shareen from Fashion Makerspace teach you to repurpose an old fabric item into a practical drawstring bag!

Part 2:
Sewing Machine 101

Before you begin your drawstring bag project,  let Shareen introduce the tools and supplies you will need, especially a very important tool: the sewing machine!

Part 3:
Sew a Drawstring Bag

Today, Hailey takes you through the steps to turning your old cushion cover, bedsheets or other fabric item into a drawstring bag!

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