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Module 3

Good neighbours can make life more enjoyable. Watch how four families living on the same floor have forged beautiful friendships with one another.








If you too share a warm relationship with your neighbour, tell us your story! Snap a shot, post it on social media and #braveheartsg!

What are some ways you can start to build a friendship with your neighbours? Click on the doors below for some inspiration.

New Project.jpg

Say hi and introduce yourself the next time you meet someone in the lift. Make an effort to remember your neighbour’s name and which floor he/she lives on

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Choose a few units on your floor and start to pay attention to the people who live there. Is it a family with young children? An elderly couple living alone? A single? Then shortlist one unit you want to get to know better. Say hi the next time you meet in a common space.

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Cook a dish and share it!

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Look out for neighbours with similar interests. Initiate spending time together, like exercising, or walking the dog, or arranging a playdate for your children.

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Organise a gathering with 1 or 2 neighbours you already know well.

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Actively look out for the elderly or disabled residents in your block. Offer to help them get groceries.

Last week, we looked at the people who can be your allies in getting to know your neighbours. You don't have to do it alone. Pick any of the suggestions above and give it a go!

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