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Module 3

In the last two modules, we invited you to look inwards at your memories with your loved one.

In remembering people, emotions and thoughts will come up as we recall the events shared with this person. Some may have been happy

memories, some memories not so much. 

You’ll find that while there is present sadness, there are also things to be grateful for.


As you journal, your story with this person takes shape.


200528_Grief Mod 3 Flower_V1.png

When a story takes shape, it needs to be told. For the people who hear it, they may find the ability to process their own grief.

When you feel ready, reach out to friends and family who are also mourning your loved one. Share your emotions, experience and how you’ve been coping with the loss. Encourage them to share their own thoughts and feelings.

If you feel ready, share your journal entries and reflections over this period. Invite them to explore Module 1 & 2 of this toolkit, and try the activities and journal questions for themselves.

200528_Grief Mod 3 Flower_V1.png

Reflect on these questions together while talking about the person you lost:

  1. What do you miss?

  2. What was good?

  3. What was not so great?

  4. Were there things left unresolved? 

  5. Moving forward, what can you change or do to avoid having unresolved issues with others?

  6. Even though things weren’t perfect, what are you grateful for?

  7. What is your loved one’s legacy? How do they continue to live through your actions and lives? 

  8. What can I do to support your needs? 


Remind them and yourself that you are not alone through this period of mourning.

Take Note:

Know that whatever people share doesn’t need to become a debate.


Everyone has had their unique relationship with this person, and have had their own experiences and conversations.


Acknowledge that they feel the way they feel and let go of the things that cannot change/have happened in the past.


200528_Grief Mod 3 Flower_V1.png


200528_Grief Mod 3 Flower_V1.png

With your conversation in mind, write a letter to thank the person you lost for what they’ve done in your life.


Acknowledge the things that are unresolved and close with the things you’re grateful for. 

We've prepared a template to help your organise your thoughts when writing:

Thank you for your submission!

200528_Grief Mod 3 Flower_V1.png
grief m3.png

If you’ve made it this far, congratulations.

You’ve done a lot of work.


Remember to take care of yourself and refer to our module on self care.


In the next module, we will look at how all your sadness can lead to something meaningful.

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