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closure & evaluation

Module 4









We started this journey with a virtual walk. Why not take a stroll around your neighbourhood to appreciate familiar faces and spaces? Say hi to people you know. Stop to say thank you to essential workers. Parents, consider doing this together with your children.


What’s your favourite part of your neighbourhood? Are there special spaces or faces that make it feel just like home? Post a photo with a short story and share it with us on social media, #braveheartsg.

At the end of the walk, take a few minutes to write down your thoughts and feelings about what you saw. 


What changes did you see? How do the changes make you feel?

Have you noticed things or people you previously didn’t pay attention to?

Do you have a newfound appreciation for your community after a period of social isolation during the Circuit Breaker? Why?

What could you do to make your neighbourhood a nicer place to live in?

Even if you are just taking baby steps to get to know your neighbours, keep going! As we continue the fight against Covid-19 pandemic, strong relationships will ensure we get through this together.


Thank you for your submission

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