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Module 4

Welcome back, thank you for continuing your journey with us as you remember the ones you’ve lost.

One way to honour your loved one’s life is to continue the good that they put into the world. It could be the values they imparted to you, or a commitment they have to making their family/community/world better.


You can be part of their legacy.

Begin thinking of a forwarding action that you can do in their memory. 

Reflect on these in your journal, or discuss with your family and friends:


200604_Grief Mod 4_Tree_coloured_V2.png
200604_Grief Mod 4_Tree_coloured_V2.png
  1. What did you learn from your loved one?

  2. What are you most grateful for?

  3. Come up with a group tribute in their memory.

  4. What did your loved one care about?

  5. What does this person’s legacy inspire you to do?

  6. Is there something they did for you that you now want to do for others?

  • For example, if they were generous and used to cook herbal soups for everyone, you will also share your cooking with friends & family.

  7. What can you do in their memory?

  • For example, if they cared for the environment, plan to go and clean up the beach as a family every month.


200604_Grief Mod 4_Tree_coloured_V2.png

Think of a firm action that you and your family & friends can do in your loved one’s memory.


Will you create something?

  • A video slideshow

  • A photobook

  • A painting


Will you contribute to a cause they championed, through giving or volunteering? 

  • Volunteering at a community old folks centre

  • Donating to an animal shelter

  • Volunteering to participate in a nature/beach clean up


Will you have a celebration of the person’s life?

  • Plan a party

  • Invite people to bring food & good memories

  • Share remembrance and gratitude for the person you lost

Thank you for your submission!

Find ways to support one another as you journey through grief together and continue to remember your loved one in your life.

200604_Grief Mod 4_Tree_coloured_V2.png
200601 Grief Mod 4 Flower_V1.png
200601 Grief Mod 4 Flower_V1.png
200601 Grief Mod 4 Flower_V1.png
200601 Grief Mod 4 Flower_V1.png
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