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Accepting Sadness & Crying

Module 1


We created this because sometimes it can be hard to grieve.

                                    Maybe you know this already: sadness is not something we

                          have discussions about, and therefore we’re not very skilled in

                 exploring our sadness.


                     Sometimes we even fear our sadness.


      We’re here to share with you how we can grieve, specifically, how we can cry. 


Sadness is about loss, and it is a legitimate feeling when we have lost a loved one. Our bodies feel this loss and need to express it. Crying is that expression.


Sometimes, we resist our sadness and do not fully allow ourselves the ability to cry. We start and we stop, we start and we stop...


We orbit and alternate between feelings of grief, embarrassment and denial.


It feels like drowning. 


If we allow ourselves to accept that things are pretty sad right now, we can give ourselves permission to fully experience sadness and let it out. 

Here are some suggestions:

How to Cry

  1. Let any family in the house know you need to process your feelings alone, and that they may hear some crying and it’s okay.

  2. Find a quiet space where you can be alone. Preferably your bedroom. Make sure there aren’t any hard objects around you and you feel safe.

  3. Begin by sitting on your bed or a sofa, and ensure that you are not constrained in any way.

  4. There are 2 positions we invite you to try:


(a) Sit up straight and ensure your chest is not bent over your abdomen. Breathe deeply.


(b) This may feel a bit strange, but it works. Lie flat on your belly on the bed and breathe deeply.

5. In either position, take a deep breath and let it out in a sigh. Take another deep breath and let it out in an audible sigh. Keep repeating this breathing pattern while thinking about the person you lost.

​Know that as you begin to cry, that these feelings are legitimate and necessary. And the experience will not be endless.

Know that at any point you can step out of this pool of sadness, so take your time and experience what you experience.

We invite you to start a journal.

We believe that our sadness shows what is precious to us.

200519_Grief Mod 1 Crying_V2.png
  1. What came up for you during this experience?

  2. Did you notice your resistance or was it easier to cry?

  3. If you were able to experience your sadness, write down what you miss about the person/memories that came to mind.

  4. What are you thankful for?

Thank you for your submission!

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