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How to be a friend during physical 


Module 1

This is how we meet, video chat has become our new normal and all of us are wondering if things will ever be the same again.

We hear you, and we'd like to suggest some ways to still cultivate meaningful friendships in COVID-19.

Maybe we miss being able to speak without it feeling like a monologue.


We miss being able to hug or pat each other on the back.


We miss being able to use our intuitions, to encourage with touch.

But we believe we can still build deep friendships in this time of difficulty, we can still encourage and bring depth to our connections even though we are separated over video chat.

(1) think of a friend you'd like to connect with

(2) What can you do with them over video chat?

Thanks for your submission!

here are some of your suggestions:

Stay safe!

drink together

Play a game together! Skribblio (drawing) or We’re Not Really Strangers (deep questions card game) :)

be 100% present!

Turn on the video! And engage in f2f conversation

Dress up!

Now that you have

a friend and an idea,

let's put it into action!

Make a conscious effort today to reach out and schedule a time to hang out with your friends over video chat. You can call, email, text or even write them a letter! 

We've prepared some customisable and ready-to-go e-invites (with bonus ideas for your hangout!) to help:

Play Games.png
Watch Movies.png
Eat Together.png

Idea #1

Test your drawing skills on and keep your friends guessing!

Idea #2

Revisit classic games like Chess or pick from hundreds of online boardgame options!

Idea #3

To test your friend group's communication skills, try Codenames Online or Spyfall!

Idea #1

Sing along to your favourite musicals with friends, there are plays if you prefer!

(Look out for offerings from the Singapore theatre scene as well!)

Idea #2

Try a free video streaming trial, ranging from 7 to 30 days!

Idea #3

Visit the World's great museums and parks together from the comfort of your home. Some are in Singapore!

Idea #1

Support your favourite local restaurant or hawker stall and get it delivered to both you and your friend. Top off the shared dining experience with great conversation!

Idea #2

Find a recipe (written or video) that you've both always wanted to try and cook it together over video call!

Idea #3

Make quality dinners without the hassle of meal prep by looking into DIY meal kits from many local dining options

Tip: Some days it may be hard for us to make plans with our friends, don't underestimate the power of small gestures like sending them a message to say hi and let them know you're thinking about them. Something simple can be meaningful.

Thank you for your submission!

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