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About #Braveheartsg

#BraveHeartSG is an initiative by StandUpfor.SG supporting our community through the COVID-19 outbreak.

About Stand Up For Our Singapore

Stand Up for Our Singapore is a ground-up movement comprising an informal group of volunteers, with a focus on engaging and developing youth leaders. 

We have launched a series of events starting from 2012, with a theme of celebrating the strengths within the community. 

Our strengths are in creating an atmosphere of celebration and a sense of possibility, as well as creating online campaigns that carry the message of the events beyond the physical space. 

We are always on the lookout for how Singapore can be beautiful and awesome.

About Big Red Button

Big Red Button (BRB) is a content creation agency that specializes in organizational development. We produce authentic, moving visuals and communication materials, to shift conversations in organizations and in the community.

For some it may be about motivating employees or caring for our environment, for others it is to  find the voice that best represents their brand. We've even tackled age-old issues of helping married couples to  fight better.

And through those conversations, we collaborate with our clients to design experiences and craft the stories they want to relate to their audiences. We take pride in being excellent at asking important questions, even tough questions to tell powerful stories.

At the heart of it, we are in the work of moving people to take actions, and evoking a sense of personal leadership and responsibility in the world that we live in today. We've had the privilege of empowering companies to be the change they want to see in this world.

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